Zoe's Kawakawa | Sleep Balm

Zoe's Kawakawa | Sleep Balm


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Zoe's Kawakawa Sleep balm smells sooo good! 
Apply this balm directly on the skin, take a deep breath and.... relax.....
Suitable for most skin types and ages

kawakawa and manuka infused olive oil
shea butter

essential oils: lavender and bergamont

Zoë’s Kawakawa Balms and Spray are a result of six years of in-depth science and technology investigations with many mentors and experts guiding Zoë through multiple extraction methods; oil infusion, hydro distillation, and alcohol tincture as well as years of testing and analysis. A lot of commercially available insect repellents contain nasty chemical ingredients, that are harmful to you and the environment. One of the most common ingredients in insect repellents, DEET, can actually strip paint. Zoë’s ingredients are natural, safe and effective.