So the company is having a Christmas party, it's been decided that the kids are all going to get a Christmas Present.... and you're the one that's been given the job of sorting it all out! 

This can be an overwhelming job, and if it's not something you're that keen on, can be pushed out til the last minute, keeping the stress with you for even longer!

We help people select age appropriate gifts to suit their budget every single day. It's what we do. So who better than to sort your Christmas Party Gifts for you?! It's not even cheating because it's going to be a win for all - you get out of a job you don't have time for, the kids all get amazing gifts and it'll all come in bang on budget! 

We can cater for kids aged from NewBorn to around 15. We can work with any budget, from just $10 per child. (As a guide, most businesses tend to have a budget of around $25-30.) 
There's no minimum number of children - we can help with a gift for just a single child, right up to 100+ kids (ideally please give us a couple of weeks notice for larger numbers!!)

We can even do all the gift wrapping and naming of the gifts for you, so literally all you have to do is figure out how to get your team to get back to you with the names and correct ages of their kids!

Send us an email at for more information.