My Fairy Garden | Nursery Garden

My Fairy Garden | Nursery Garden


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Welcome to the Nursery Garden!
Join Luna and the fairy babies in their magical mushroom house!
There are so many ways to decorate - set up the clothesline, make a rock trail and more!
Grow plants from two different kinds  of seeds to create your own beautiful fairy garden for Luna and her fairy friends to play in - the enchantment never ends!

1x large planter
1x platform
1x mushroom house
1x winch with basket
3x spinning leaf beds
1x mushroom
1x shell pond
1x wheelbarrow
1x clothesline
3x baby blankets
6x pegs
12x decorative flowers
1x fairy (Luna)
80g pastel gravel
3x fairy babies
3ggrass seeds
3g red amaranth

Suitable for ages 4+ Years