Hape | Nature Fun - Exploration and Adventure Kit

Hape | Nature Fun - Exploration and Adventure Kit


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This kids outdoor discovery kit contains 8 real working tool that helps your little explorer learn more about the world around them.
There's a periscope and telescope for distance viewing, a flashlight for exploring in the dark, a magnifying glass, a compass, a whistle, and a specimen jar for collecting critters for at-home study. Each piece in the children's nature exploration kit is made from plant- and bamboo-based plastic that's eco-conscious, lightweight, and durable. Each of the pieces has a carry strap and the set comes with a carabiner clip that helps your adventurer keep everything safely attached to their jeans, backpack, or jacket.

- Flashlight
- Magnifying Glass
- Telescope
- Compass
- Periscope
- Speciman Jar
- Carabina Clip
- Whistle

Suitable approx ages 4+