Bresser Junior | Microscope - With Carry Case

Bresser Junior | Microscope - With Carry Case


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The BRESSER JUNIOR Microscope 40x-640x is perfect for beginners to explore the microcosm ! The extensive accessories included with the microscope offer the perfect basic equipment to get started right away. The practical carrying case allows you to take your microscope with you wherever you go and share your observations with friends and family at any time With this microscope your journey into the microcosm begins!


  • LED transmitted-light
  • Height-adjustable stage
  • Invisor wheel for adjusting the light beam
  • Object clamps for attaching the specimens
  • All-purpose thanks to battery operation
  • Low weight, therefore excellent for mobile use
  • Zoom-Ocular
  • Comprehensive accessories for quick access to microscopy
  • Includes experiment kit for breeding brine shrimp (Artemia)

    • Microscope
    • Practical carrying case
    • Cover glasses & slides
    • Permanent preparations
    • Experiment kit (magnifier box, brine shrimp eggs, yeast)
    • Sea salt
    • Gum-Media
    • Empty container
    • Microscope cutlery
    • Immediator wheel/filter disc
    • Measuring cylinder
    • MicroCut for preparation of preparations
    • Petri dish
    • Manual
    Requires 3x AAA batteries 

Suitable Age Approx 8+