No Nasties | The Curly Care Bundle

No Nasties | The Curly Care Bundle


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The best natural kids curl care pack with Curly Girl Method approved ingredients!

Need help with curls? The Curly Girl Method is an amazing way to care for and nourish curls which makes them easier to manage and have them looking their best!

In this pack you get:

The curl revolution is here! For an in depth look at what the Curly Girl Method is about, check out this article here from Huda Beauty. There are also lots of great Youtube videos available too!

🌟 The steps are easy;

  1.  Wash hair with a shampoo and conditioner (you can also just use conditioner) that contains only Curly Girl Method approved  ingredients, when washing, be gentle with the hair, treat it like fine silk.
  2. With conditioner in the hair, use the No Nasties Kids Detangler Brush to gently brush the hair from the bottom of the strand and work your way to the scalp. 
  3. When rinsing out conditioner, gently cup the curls and scrunch, don't allow it to become water logged and stretch out too much
  4. Apply SLiCK KiDS detangler to wet hair and scrunch the curls, this will work as a great leave in conditioner that also smells amazing!
  5. While the hair is still wet, apply SLiCK KiDS Hair Gel to the palm of your hand, I use a 50c piece worth for my daughter with long but thin hair, rub your hands together and then gently coat the hair with "prayer hands", almost clamping them lightly, then scrunching gently.
  6. At this point you can gently dry off the hair with an old cotton t-shirt, scrunching lightly, plop the hair into an old cotton t-shirt (I only do this if my daughter is about to go to bed), or diffuse their hair with a hair dryer and diffuser on low heat. Most of the time, I do a light dry with an old t-shirt and allow her hair to dry naturally.
  7. Once dry/semi dry, spray with SLiCK KiDS alcohol free hair spray for extra hold!

Our alcohol-free hair spray is also amazing for "refresh" days.

The curls will thank you! SLiCK KiDS products are also great for adults!