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Zing | Stikbot - Dino Egg - Stop Motion Animation Figures

Zing | Stikbot - Dino Egg - Stop Motion Animation Figures


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Included in every egg is one Dino Stikbot, 6 assorted styles.

  • Stiktriceratops
  • Stikstegosarus
  • Stikpachycephalosaurus
  • Stikparasaurolophus
  • Stikdilophosaurus
  • Stikpterodactyl
  • Stikvelociraptors

**Please note that these are ‘blind; eggs and as such, we have no control over which Stikbot dino it contains.

Discover what's hidden inside the Dino Egg! What type of Stikbot Dino will you receive?

Stikbot Dino Stop Motion Animation

The Stiktriceratops, Stikstegosarus, Stikpachycephalosaurus, and Stikparasaurolophus live in harmony while the Stikdilophosaurus, Stikpterodactyl and Stikvelociraptors roam the land looking for their next meal.
Will the herbivores be able to team up and stop the carnivores?
As the director, it’ll be up to you! Make amazing stop-motion movies with your Dino to recreate your favourite scenes from blockbuster hits like Jurassic World.
Collect all 6 Dino's to build a Jurassic Park and film your own Stop-Motion animated series to share on Youtube!
Included in every egg is one Dino Stikbot, 6 assorted styles.

By downloading and install a complimentary app you could make brief computer animation films with the numbers using your tablet computer or phone.

We suggest the target age would be 10-14 years or older kids that have a large passion in animation. Computer animation includes moving the stikbots at extremely small increments making a short flick so it will certainly need perseverance from the video clip maker.

If the child has made comparable brief flicks before, for instance making use of LEGO then she or he will most likely appreciate this as the stickbots can be articulated into a lot more placements than Lego building blocks.

This is one incredible learning tool packed full of opportunities. The app is paired with the Stikbot Studio Pro that encourages a hands-on approach to creating stills or stop motion video using green screen techniques via the Stikbot stage and figures.

Adding backgrounds, music or voice-overs is a snap, and it is amazing to see the results. Not only does this open the door for creative storytelling, it also inspires kids to think in terms of temporal experiences. By editing past experiences, it also sets the ground for the future by projecting a sequence of actions or events waiting to happen. 


Stikbot Animation App

First off, the application for phones and tablets is cost-free, so you could download and examine it prior to buying the Stikbots.

While kids have grown up with tablet computers, smartphones as well as all kind of technology, we are still amazed at items like this that we would have enjoyed as kids. Picture your own little stop animation workshop in your living-room.

The application is easy and also quick to download as well as from the reviews we read online, children appear to find it easier to understand its functioning than grownups. There are a lot of YouTube videos available revealing suggestions, video clips as well as videos made by kids of all ages.

The phone holder stand is tiny so will not likely work for tablets.