Therm | Waterproof & Windproof All-Weather Hoodie - Butterfly

Therm | Waterproof & Windproof All-Weather Hoodie - Butterfly


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Is it a hoodie, or is it a jacket? It's Superm- wait, no, it's the All-Weather Hoodie! With innovative softshell fabric, this hoodie is comfy and cozy, but is also 100% windproof and the 8,600mm rated waterproof fabric will keep the rain out. Perfect for daily adventures, this jacket is lined with warm and cosy fleece and will keep your little superman & supergirl dry for over 3 hours in steady rain. Plus... now we have made this jacket super duper eco-friendly by using recycled plastic products such as water bottles to make the fabric. How awesome is that! With cosy handwarmer cuffs and fleece lined zipper pockets, these hybrid raincoats can be worn on any occasion, no need to pack an extra jacket. The softshell fabric is comprised of the outer and lining fabrics bonded together, making it highly durable and able to withstand not only the harsh weather conditions but a good old bout of rough and tumble too. When they do get wet and dirty, these awesome girls hoodies are quick drying, and easy to throw in the washing machine and dryer (in fact the heat from the dryer preserves the water repellent teflon coating).

Outer: 8,600mm Waterproof & Windproof 100% Recycled rPET Tricot Shell with bonded 100% Recycled rPET Microfleece lining
Machine washable and dryer safe!

Eco-Friendly: 100% Recycled rPET fabric - made from used plastic products such as water bottles.
- Cosy fleece lining throughout, will keep them warm and dry.
- Stretchy fabric - as comfortable as a fleece hoodie
- Extended hood collar for weather protection with fleecy zipper guard that is soft against the chin.
- Versatile stretchy handwarmer cuffs with thumbholes (sizes 4+) to keep hands protected. Keep them down in the cold, or fold up in heavier rain.
- Reflective features front and back for visibility in low light.
- Fleece lined pockets with zippers for extra cosy hands when it's chilly outside.
- Girls fit - tapered at the waist.