Teeter Popper - Blue

Teeter Popper - Blue


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Who doesn't enjoy popping bubble wrap? This is just like it, only better!

The Teeter Popper is an award-winning toy and the funnest way to get your children active; they can rock, sit, stand, try to balance, roll, tilt, wobble and spin - they choose how to play.

It's the perfect physical play and no special skills are required; in fact, this super-fun toy can help them in many ways: it arouses curiosity, stimulate senses and encourage creativity.

It also helps improves core strength and stability, balance, coordination and gross-motor skills.
The 14 silicone suction cups make a pleasant popping sound and will make children want to keep moving.

Approx Length: 71 cm Maximum
Weight: 50kg

Suitable for ages 3+