Mudpuppy | Puzzle Sticks - Under The Sea

Mudpuppy | Puzzle Sticks - Under The Sea


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Each puzzle features a different sea creature such as a Sea Horse, Octopus, Dolphin, Turtle, Shark and a Crab!

Unique Type of Puzzle: Rather than a jigsaw style of puzzle, this puzzle uses flat sticks that your kids will align in the correct order to complete the image.

6 Different Puzzles: The set offers 24 stick pieces, each of which is double-sided, which yields six different eight-piece puzzle images.

Sturdy Storage Box: All of the puzzle sticks fit in a single box that also includes a tray in which young ones can use to complete the puzzle.

Sort by Colour: Young children who may struggle to create the images of the puzzle on their own can learn to sort the sticks by the background colour.

Suitable for ages 3+