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Love To Dream | Swaddle UP Designer Collection - Starry Nite

Love To Dream | Swaddle UP™ Designer Collection -...


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1. Arms UP in wing position may help prevent your baby
rolling onto their tummy
2. Swaddling your baby with arms UP can help them
self-soothe and sleep longer
3. Startle reflex is calmed by our ergonomically designed womb-like fit
4. Single layer of trans-seasonal cotton elastane fabric
helps reduce the risk of overheating compared to
multi-layerd swaddles
5. Smart zip-UP design reduces the risk of swaddle
unravelling whilst baby is sleeping
6. Hands in wings make breast feeding easy, and also
means no more face scratching
7. Nappy changes and transportation from cot to stroller
made easy with our twin zipper design

Love To Dream | Swaddle UPâ„¢ Designer Collection - Starry Nite

Introducing our beautiful new Designer Collection Starry Nite. The only zip-up swaddle that allows your baby to sleep in a more natural position with arms UP.

Why arms UP?

It is your baby’s natural sleep position that allows your baby access to their hands for self-soothing. Babies often use their hands to settle themselves to sleep, by sucking on their fingers or gently rubbing their cheeks. Medical research suggests that babies sleep better, & for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. So self-soothing = more sleep for the whole family.

The Swaddle UPâ„¢ is the only zip-up swaddle available that allows your baby sleep in the arms UP position. The Swaddle UPâ„¢ requires no complicated wrapping, so everyone can swaddle right every time.

Need more sleep? Swaddle UP!

Snug fit makes your baby feel secure & helps to calm their natural startle reflex
Eliminates excess loose fabric in the cot
Wings prevent face-scratching
May reduce the risk of your baby accidentally rolling onto their tummy
Genius two-way zipper for easy nappy changes
Hip-healthy design allows hips and legs to flex naturally


Hana-Lia Krawchuk, founder of Love To Dream™ & the inventor of the Newborn to Toddler Sleep system™, knows that necessity really is the mother of invention.

Love To Dream™ is a real Australian success story. The journey began in 2008 when Hana gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Elijah. Like many new parents Hana & her husband faced significant challenges in getting their newborn son to sleep. Challenges that lead to 18 months of sleepless nights, & hundreds of dollars spent on products that promised to restore the family’s sleep. Nothing worked.

Using her skills as an experienced fashion designer, Hana spent many hours, days & weeks refining, simplifying, sampling & resampling the very first version of the signature Swaddle UPâ„¢. By the following year, Swaddle UPâ„¢ hit the stores of Sydney. Two weeks later it had sold out. Â The Love To Dreamâ„¢ story had begun.

Since then, millions of parents across the world have come to learn that Love To Dream™ products really work! In 2017, from a field of 2000 Australian businesses, Love To Dream™ was honored as a top 20 Winner of the Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow Award. The award recognizes the top 20 companies that are shaping Australia’s future through leadership and innovation.

The Love To Dream™, Newborn to Toddler Sleep System, provides the highest level of quality with trusted sleep solutions to the very real parenting challenge of better quality and longer sleep for the whole family.  Try our products today and experience how Love To Dream™ can help your family achieve a better night’s sleep too.

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SmartyPants loves the Love To Dream range of sleep products for their beautiful soft fabrics and their classic designs. Any baby or toddler would be lucky to snuggle up in one of these swaddles or sleeping bags!

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