Littlelegs | Dots Tights - Grey and Mint

Brand: Little Legs Type: Autumn / Winter 2018


Made from:

  • 54% bamboo fibre
  • 23% cotton
  • 21% nylon
  • 2% spandex

Size Guide

0-9m 62-73cm
9-18m 74-84cm
18-24m 84-96cm
2-4y 96-108cm
4-6y 108-120cm

Sizes for ages 0-2years feature a gripper sole.

Littlelegs | Dots Tights - Grey and Mint

Perfect tights for all seasons to go underneath their favourite skirts and dresses. The bamboo blend is gorgeously soft to touch while helping retain warmth in winter, yet breathable for spring & autumn. Sizes for ages 0-2years feature a gripper sole.

Littlelegs came about in 2015 after I kept struggling to find leggings and tights for my girls, who love wearing skirts! They needed to be warm enough for Melbourne winters and durable enough to last more than 2 washes, hugely important for a family like ours who love getting outside, getting dirty and having fun. So I got my sketch book out and the rest is history ...

Littlelegs aims to provide great basics as well as some whimsical designs to cover the Littlelegs in your life, be they boys or girls, from ages 0-6.

SmartyPants loves Little Legs tights and leggings for so many reasons! I would never put my children in tights that are not primarily natural fibres, so I wouldn’t sell them either! Bamboo is such a gorgeous, soft fibre that works a little like wool in the way that it keeps warm in winter and breathes in summer. They are durable while remaining soft, even after lots and lots of washing. The cotton fleece leggings are a great option to stay extra warm on those cold days - team them with boots and you’re looking stylish and keeping warm at the same time!
We hope you like Littlelegs as much as we do!!

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