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Mighty Mind | Super Mind

Leisure Learning | Super Mind Makes Kids Smarter


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A numerically programmed Advanced series of patterns sends children on an exciting learning-journey to manipulate 32 geometric shapes and build pictures of increasing complexity. This series continues from the cards 1-32 in Magic Mind. Your child will succeed as they learn to build and solve complex jigsaw puzzles!
- In 30 connected steps, a child develops proficiency in organising & planning solutions, sorts unique elements, and takes control of the problem solving process.

  • 32 colourful, easy to handle, durable plastic design tiles
  • 30 tangram-like design cards; Challenge increases as you go
  • First 20 puzzles provide color clues in the picture, assisting child in selecting shapes
  • Last 10 puzzles do not provide color clues and are the most challenging puzzles
  • Includes 32 design shapes, 30 numbered programmed puzzles
  • All pieces neatly contained in storage tray
  • Detailed instructions Included
  • Made in USA; some components from China and/or Germany

Recommended Age 5 - 9

Whether your child uses the enclosed pattern cards or designs his or her own figures, animals, people, buildings, and imaginative pictures - Increased skills will always result!

The ingenuity of Super Mind makes it a stand-out favourite with teachers & child development experts everywhere. It's an activity toy that develops the essential skills every child needs!
Great for developing creativity & helping children understand visual/spatial relationships,Super Mind is a great confidence builder in a fun, purposeful format.
It's even a winner of some of the highest awards & recognised as a valuable learning tool in over 26 countries around the world. It doesn't require a specific language, so it's perfect for the entire planet!

  • Parents Choice Honor Toy
  • Teachers Choice Award
  • Dr Toys Best Vacation Toy
  • Nominated 4 times to Parenting Magazine's Hall of Fame
  • Cited by National Publications