Lalaboom | Rainstick And Beads

Lalaboom | Rainstick And Beads


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Lalaboom Rain Stick and educational beads - this set contains 1 rain stick and 4 chunky educational beads to promote a child's sensory and auditory discovery.
Used as a handle, it also promotes the development of grasp and cognitive and fine motor abilities in children from 10 months to 4 years old

Mix, match, twist, and snap! Lalaboom is more than a collection of snap-together beads, it's a beautifully innovative developmental experience. Senses are engaged as little ones explore the unique textures, vibrant colours, and smooth twisting movements.

Its Montessori approach stimulates the learning curve – curiosity – logic - motor skills, while playing 5 activities 1) POP, 2) TWIST, 3) MIX, 4) STACK & 5) LACE! As children grow, they'll discover endless connecting and stacking possibilities, strengthening creativity, pattern recognition, fine motor, and problem-solving skills.

Step by step development toy
- at 10 months, it’s time for sensory discoveries! thanks to the different textures and colours of the beads, your child begins to assemble
- 15 months, your child opens and closes the beads
- 18 months, the child can mix the beads together
- 24 months, it's time to build! your child can create long links of beads and explore their creativity

Suitable approx 10-36+mths