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KSG | Sequin Art - Lion

KSG | Sequin Art - Lion


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Whether you want to piece together a stunning picture to hang on your wall or create a glimmering 3D rendition of your favourite animal, SEQUIN ART� has it.
Using the simple concept of small pushpins to affix your dazzling sequins to a pre-planned picture board or design figure, it is as easy as pick and stick.
Sequin Art pictures are so easy to make. You don't need to be an artist or a dedicated crafter to produce a gorgeous sequin picture every time. Includes an easy to follow full coloured instruction book
Just place the velvet design on the frame and attach the glittering colourful sequins using the pins provided to complete a vibrant picture. Hours of relaxation and fun; plus the pride of hanging it on any wall for family and friends to admire.
Ideal for every skill level and interest.

Suggested Ages 8-Adult