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Kod Kod | Rummikub

Kod Kod | Rummikub


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The object of the game is to go ‘Rummikub’ being the first player to place all the tiles from their rack onto the table. by forming "runs" or "groups" and accumulating the highest score. Outwit your opponents with cool strategy and sharp moves. Use the Joker with caution.. He can fire up the game, but if he is smiling on your rack at the end of a round you lose 30 points!
Rummikub is a worldwide known brand played by millions of players, young and old. It is sold in more than 50 countries and translated into 26 languages. No barriers of language can overcome the joy and interest the game creates. ​

- 106 Tiles (8 sets of tiles 1-136 in 4 colours and 2 jokers)
- 4 Racks
- Detailed Rules

Ages 7+