Keycraft | Shrinkles - Farm Friends

Keycraft | Shrinkles - Farm Friends


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  • Colouring pencils included.
  • Figurine accessories.
  • Bumper box also available.

Keycraft | Shrinkles - Farm Friends

Love animals? Head on down to the Shrinkles Farm and meet the lovely residents including a; horse, cow, rooster, pig, duck, goat, sheep and goose!

Keycraft was established in 1974 in the UK and is still driven by the same ownership and values. Keycraft started life supplying toys priced in the pocket money bracket to gift shops in their local area. Since then they have grown to be an international brand, supplying a huge range of goods. While they still specialise in ‘pocket money’ type toys, they have increased the range to include many fabulous products.

Shrinkles will take many back to the 80s when we used to shrink chip packets down into mini chip packets! Using the same concept, children colour in pre printed pictures, before cutting them out and popping them in the oven. Before your very eyes, these creations will shrink to 1/7th of their original size, and will grow up to 7 times thicker. Create badges, keyring, jewellery and heaps more. Limited only by your imagination!

The Keycraft pocketmoney and novelty toys range is ever changing and always has something entertaining.

SmartyPants loves Keycraft for it’s wide variety of entertaining products and fantastic prices. There’s always something new to discover.

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