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Jellystone Designs | Rainbow Stacker - Bright

Jellystone Designs | Teething - Rainbow Stacker


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Jellystone Teething products are a wonderful soothing silicone product. Of Course it is Non-Toxic and Oh SO Chewable!!

Every child needs a Rainbow Stacker! This teether and toy combined is multi purpose and suitable for all ages. For bubs it can be used as a teether and provides relief for tender gums. As your child gets older it can be used as a stacker toy to encourage hand eye co-ordination, creative thinking and problem solving skills. A fun and educational product that is safe, durable and quiet.

If little ones came with a manual, life would be so much easier and the whirling of the mind going ‘What is going on right now?!’ would be quiet. Teething is another special gem of child rearing that will keep you on your toes.

Available in Rainbow and Pastel.

Made from BPA free, phthalate free, non toxic silicone.