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Hinkler | Pull-Back-And-Go - Emergency Vehicles

Hinkler | Pull-Back-And-Go - Emergency Vehicles


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There’s hours of fun to be had with the Pull-back-and-go Emergency Vehicles Activity Set!

First, piece the town-centre jigsaw together to create a big play mat. Then, get out your six cars, set them up on the mat, pull them back and watch them go! You can also add to your world with press-out characters and items such as fire hydrants and a cute cat that you can place around the town.
When you’re done, grab the colouring and activity book and complete the fun emergency-themed activities while you read along with the story!

- 32-page colouring and activity book
- 42 x 61 cm floor puzzle - use it as a playmat!
- 6 cars Over 25 press-out characters

Box measures 270 x 295 mm 

Suitable ages 3+