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Heliball | Footy Flyer

Heliball | Footy Flyer

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Introducing the Heliball Footy Flyer, based on the tried and tested formula of keep-up, with a twist… you do not touch the ball! Footy Flyer's patented proximity sensors cause the ball to move when your foot or knee is beneath it and auto descend back down after each virtual kick. With the built in LCD screen, you can see how many times the ball has been kept up and challenge your family and friends to a keep up challenge. The timeless game of keepy uppy undoubtedly has universal and enduring appeal, but the Heliball adds a new modern twist to the game and is suitable for indoor play.

Activate the patented proximity sensors to enter Auto Hover mode and control the Heliball with your feet. In Auto Hover mode, this clever flier will gently return to the ground unless you place a solid object below it. When the Footy Heliball senses something below it, it flies skywards! Put your foot beneath the Heliball to send it soaring upwards for a moment before it starts to lower to the ground again.

Flying drones requires a certain level of skill. Practice in open, obstacle-free spaces and be prepared for the inevitable bump and crash as you learn to fly.