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GeoBender Cube - Surfer

GeoBender Cube - Surfer


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What is a GeoCube? The GeoCube is a magnetic geometric puzzle. Each GeoCube consists of 12 magnetized Pyramids that are connected through hinges. The hinging allows the GeoCube to be transformed between different Shapes. The magnets allow it to lock into those shapes. Furthermore, the magnetism enables the GeoCubes to interact with one another to build Geometric Shapes of higher complexity.

Geometry Each Cube has 12 Pyramids, 12 Hinges and 48 Magnets. The construction grid of each element (see image) is very simple and shows in a beautiful way the square-root progression One, Squareroot of 2 and Squareroot of 3 Transformations Due to the integrated Hinges the GeoCube can be transformed between more than 70 different Shapes. Some rigid, some flexible. Its takes quite some practice in order to understand the possibilities and necessary transformations of this unique puzzle.

A Full Set of 4 The true Magic begins when 4 GeoCubes are brought together. The Magnetism allows the individual shapes to be pulled together and create structures of higher complexity and beauty.

Who does it appeal to? The SmartyPants kids range in age from 7 years up. They have all had a go and all love the Geobender! The immediate response from several was 'please buy me one'. They appeal to those who enjoy figuring out the mystery of the Rubic's Cube, but with no 'solution' they are less frustrating. A wonderful 'fidget toy' that will entertain for hours.