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Diecast Recording Robot - Metallic Blue

Diecast Recording Robot - Metallic Blue


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I am a mini robot toy that can talk back to you.
Tap the button on my head twice and talk, I can repeat everything you said.
I am a toy robot kids and adults love.

All the joints of this Talking Robot are 360°rotatable, you can twist it optionally.
The toy robot is tough because it's made from double die-cast posable metal body.
No worry about that it will break up by children.

Long Record/ Repeat Toy - Talk to it without talking a breath and he will repeat it all.
Smart interactive robots for kids. Unique Colors & Flashing LED Lights Eyes - There are 3 colors of these robot, green robot, blue robot toy and red robot toy.
His eyes flash when he hears you speak and the color of eyes will change when you touch his head.

3 LR44 Button Batteries are Included.

Suitable for ages 3+