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Crayola | Modeling Dough 56gr

Crayola | Modeling Dough 56gr


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Crayola | Modeling Dough 56gr

These individual Crayola pots of dough come in 11 different colours and are priced for the smallest budget on our pocket money wall. Only $3 per pot!

Suitable for 2+Crayola, Modeling Dough


From its earliest days, Crayola has been a colour company.  During the last 100-plus years, Crayola has grown beyond our founders’ wildest dreams.  By applying technical innovation, unparalleled quality, consumer satisfaction and product value, Crayola has become the preeminent producer of hands-on products for creative personal development and fun.

At Crayola, we believe being "responsible" means doing what is right. It is being a good citizen in the communities and countries where we operate and our products are found. It means incorporating social and environmental priorities and practices into our Crayola brand, our products and our relationships with customers, vendors, consumers and employees. Every day we learn more and work to apply best practices to improve our company, our Crayola products and the environment. We take these issues and challenges very seriously. We work hard to make a difference by complying with—and even exceeding—industry standards and our own sustainability goals. As we continue to work to become a better company with the help of our partners, we will build our strategy around three key tenets of responsibility:

Crayola may make virtually every colour under the sun, but its current favourite is green. By using renewable energy, reducing waste and protecting the rainforests, Crayola's green initiative is helping to ensure that today's kids will have a healthy environment for their creative tomorrows.

Solar Farm

The Crayola solar farm includes over 30,000 panels on 20-acres of land. These solar panels provide enough power to make 1 billion Crayola crayons and 500 million markers a year! Find out more fun facts about the Crayola solar farm by watching this