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Clementoni | Action Reaction - Trampoline and Funnel Expansion Pack

Clementoni | Action Reaction - Trampoline and Funnel Expansion Pack


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Can You Accurately Bounce Marbles into the Bull’s Eye? Add a thrilling addition to your track system by incorporating this trampoline and funnel track. For ages 8+. For use exclusively with the Action & Reaction Kit. Build the track, then watch the marble go as you experiment with the physics of gravity, forces and levers. Build a versatile track using the interlocking system that allows you to use your imagination as you can create incredible reactions in a variety of ways, all designed by you. This Trampoline + Vortex Expansion Pack helps in the acquisition of manual skills, brainpower and creativity.

GREAT FOR S.T.E.M. LEARNING - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; rather than teach the four methods as separate and individual subjects, STEM consolidates them into an interconnected learning standard based on real-world applications. 

Suitable ages 8+