Classic World | 24 Piece Puzzle - Forest Animals

Classic World | 24 Piece Puzzle - Forest Animals


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This set of six simple Forest Animal Puzzles (4pc each) offers a fun way for little ones to learn about different kinds of animals and their various characteristics.

There's the nocturnal owl and the big brown bear who only come out at night time. Then, see the enormous elephant with his big ears and long trunk and the bold lion who roars to show off his powerful prowess! Look at the sweet koala bears who live in the trees – they better watch out for the sly fox who slinks around the forest getting into mischief! 

Learning Outcomes: Helps build hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, concentration, shape recognition, and problem-solving skills; introduces the concept of fractions making up a whole; introduces different animals of the forest to inspire curiosity and a love of nature. 

Suitable approx ages 18mth+