Arcturus | Meditation Colouring Book

Arcturus | Meditation Colouring Book


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Coloring is a useful relaxation technique which helps you enter a freer state of being.

The Meditation Coloring Book contains a mass of mandalas and other abstract images to soothe the mind and please the senses.
It is designed to take you to that peaceful place where meditation can occur.

Mandalas are `sacred circles', geometric shapes without a beginning or an end.
They echo the balance and symmetry of the world around us--from the nucleus of a cell to the structure of a snowflake-and they symbolize harmony, wholeness and healing.

This engaging book offers a wide and enticing range of gorgeous designs for you to color in and make your own.
The mandalas and other abstract images will help to free your imagination and bring out your inner artist.

By following your creative instincts, you will de-stress your mind and body and be rewarded with a portfolio of beautiful finished artwork.