Apples To Pears | Gift In A Tin - Zoo In A Tin

Contents: Wooden zoo set, 9 animals, Zoo keeper, enclosures, green play mat Apples To Pears | Gift In A Tin - Zoo In A Tin...
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Apples To Pears | Gift In A Tin - Zoo In A Tin

The small Cotswold company with a big heart and even bigger ideas.

Apples to Pears was first established in 2002 with its roots firmly in gardening products. Earning itself an enviable reputation for producing attractive yet practical garden gifts the business originally partnered with Alan Titchmarsh to create Gifts for Gardeners which included everything from useful garden tools, and creative problem-solving products such as our famous folding secateurs and the 2010 Gift of the Year award-winning ‘Birds Away Kit’.

Today Apples to Pears is best known for its multi-award-winning Gift in a Tin. The creative Gift in a Tin brand consists of charming gift ideas which can be built, crafted, played-with, or used when travelling or in the garden. We are delighted that the charm and desirability of these fabulous gifts has been recognised by the industry body, the Giftware Association which has regularly awarded our range with prestigious accolades including Gift of the Year winners in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2018 for respectively; Make your own Insect House, Train Set in a Tin, Car Journey Games and the Natural History Museum Amazing Dinosaur Model Kit range. In addition, Farm in a Tin was the Progressive Preschool Award Winner in 2014.

With licenses for BBC Earth Springwatch, Apples to Pears has also seen popularity for the Springwatch Bird and Bat Box Gift Kits. These brilliant create and make bird and bat box ranges have been designed to be personalised for Mums, Dads and Grandparents and were Highly Commended by the Giftware Association in 2016.

The Natural History Museum range has been recognised not only by our customers by also by the Giftware Association as outstanding and innovative, winning Gift of the Year: Licensed Product (as previously stated). Launched in September 2017 Apples to Pears has seen great demand for the Dippy the Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus Rex model kits. These amazing building kits have inspired people of all ages to create their very own model dinosaurs! All sales of these products help support the Natural History Museum and its scientists, who are leading research into the past, present and future of our planet.

Apples to Pears would love to introduce our new garden gifts brand called Cotswold Collection. Inspired by our surroundings we have created a range of attractive, yet practical products for use in the garden. There are three colour ranges inside the brand which are, Teal, Mustard and Slate. Items range from Fairford Watering Cans and Painswick Lanterns to Raindrop Insect Houses!

Apples to Pears have collaborated with Scottish artist Ailsa Black to bring you a stunning range of homeware’s and gifts. Ailsa’s art captures the simplest and deepest joys in life, focusing in on animals and nature. The new collection will be launching June 2018.

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