Antics | Palm Pals - Beau French Bulldog

Antics | Palm Pals - Beau French Bulldog


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With heightened senses, Beau is a loud and strong-willed pal ready to take on the world! Relying on his sharp senses and keen-eyes, Beau can take lead on any activity and succeed with a breeze. Beau is a plush with a keen gaze and a distinguished coat of creamy white and brown. His perked-up ears show he's always listening for adventure. Whether it's solving puzzles, having spirited debates, or leading the pack, I'm always up for a challenge!

How I was made:

  • I am 5 inches in size.
  • I am made from high-quality materials for a soft, fluffy touch.
  • I fit in the palm of your hand!
  • Own the whole #palmpalsparty collection!
  • I hold bean pellets suitable for all ages to ensure my quality and stability.