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Kidzlabs | Anti-Gravity Maglev

Kidzlabs | Anti-Gravity Maglev


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Make a pencil float in midair, engineer a personal transporter using the principle of the maglev train, construct a metal sculpture that defies gravity, A random motion machine which swings unpredictably, and more.

All seven projects in one! It’s amazing!

- 1x graphic template (compass, earth, spaceman)
- 1x thin rod with ring
- 1x hexagonal rod
- 1x round rod
- 1x sticker
- 1x UFO body
- string
- 1x pointer
- 1x copper washer
- 10x nuts
- 7x ring magnets
- 1x enclosure
- 1x divider
- 1x weighing pan
- string attachment
- 1x axle
- 1x support arm
- 1x baseplate (14cm x 17.5cm x 2cm)
- detailed instructions

Suitable approx ages 8+