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A series of Fun rhyming stories for both children and adults. Buy 1 or 3 or buy the set!

Book 1.  Keri's Party.    Keri the Kiwi invites her best friend Piri the Pukeko to come to her party

Book 2. Piri's Picnic.     Piri the Pukeko meets best friend the Kiwi and they decide to have a picnic.

Book 3. Bruce Goes Home. Keri the Kiwi comes up with a plan to send Bruce the Possum home to Australia

Book 4. Sausage Sizzle.  Kiwi Critters put on a sausage sizzle to raise money for their friend Kenny the Kakapo

Book 5. Piri the Pukeko plays his favourite game and the Kiwi Critters help Keri the Kiwi to find a good place to hide.

Book 6. Piri the Pukeko decides to go to the beach and the Kiwi Critters help Keri the Kiwi to get there.

Book 7. The Kiwi Critters find rubbish everywhere and decide to have a tidy up.

100% New Zealand Made
Author Donna Blaber




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