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Transforming Solar Robot

Transforming Solar Robot


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Science is leading the way into the future, and with it renewable energy is burning bright.
So why not give your child a head start with an educational toy that provides hours of fun as well as the chance to learn about solar energy?

In fluorescent green colours this robot is sure to outshine the other toys, but not only because of its bright and eye-catching appearance. This four-in-one robot transforms from Robot to Insecta, T-Rex to Drill Vehicle.
From 6 legs to moving wheels, the T4 Transforming Solar Robot is full of surprises, giving hours of entertainment to gadget loving girls and boys.
Watch it walk, scuttle and wheel across the room or patio in each different manifestation.
No need for batteries with this toy, simply leave it in sunlight to observe the powers of solar energy in progress. It might even tempt them to leave the computer games in favour of the great outdoors!

The T4 model has been specially designed to be suitable for a broad range of ages, with large parts making it safe and relatively easy to transform the toy between its different creations. Watch their faces beam like the sun as they share their newfound knowledge with you, and you’ll have them loving science lessons in no time.

Suitable ages 6+